Zollanvari set to dazzle at DOMOTEX 2018

12–15 January, Stand C24, Hall 9.

Zollanvari set to dazzle at DOMOTEX 2018
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Zollanvari are delighted to announce their participation at the 30th Edition of DOMOTEX in Hanover, Germany (12-15 January 2018) in a new location: Stand C24 situated in HALL 9. DOMOTEX 2018 will not only present a new exhibition layout that is set ‘to provide better orientation and a superior market overview’ for visitors, but for the first time the show will boast the keynote theme “UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE”. The Carpet Design Awards (CDA 2018) will form part of this presentation at the heart of HALL 9, which will ‘house an inspiring wonderland of creatively staged display zones by exhibitors, artists and budding young designers’.

In revealing the plans for DOMOTEX 2018, Dr Andreas Gruchow, the Deutsche Messe Board representative for the show, commented: “The upcoming show will immerse its visitors in a totally new and captivating world of trends, innovations and lifestyle. Exhibitors and visitors alike can look forward to a wealth of concrete ideas that will help them grow their business and keep up with the trends and innovations that are shaping the future of their industry”. DOMOTEX 2018 promises to reassert its position as the most important flooring show in the handmade oriental carpet market and make forays into establishing itself as a lifestyle trends force.

Zollanvari will capitalise on these developments by showcasing their latest on-trend and innovative creations for 2018. Visitors to the Zollanvari stand will be able to view the extraordinary range of their carpet production – from the tribal, classical, retro and luxurious contemporary designs from southern Persia to the glamorous designs of the Kundan Collections made in India.

Here are just some of the stellar design developments for DOMOTEX 2018:


Anar (pomegranate) from the Designer Isfahan Collection created by NOV24 for Zollanvari

Fond childhood memories of pomegranate (anar) trees, as well as those from numerous travels to Iran over the years, have informed NOV24’s thought process and Zollanvari’s production team in creating these designer-carpets with pomegranate motifs. There are several strands to this collection: Anar dar Sabad (pomegranates in a basket) harking back to the osier baskets in which the designers’ grandmother and mother placed the freshly bought pomegranates; Anar dar Toor (pomegranates in a net) inspired by seeing a fruit seller in a market near Shiraz, who had hung pomegranates in a net (toor) to keep them clean: Shakhe Anar Poshte Panjere (pomegranate-tree branches behind a window) reminding the designers of childhood games: spying what was behind the typically carved wooden windows so characteristic

of Iranian architecture… pomegranates hanging on trees; and finally Derakhte Anar (pomegranate tree) awaking memories of pomegranate-tree seedlings growing into mature trees in the huge family garden. This is a truly personal journey through fond memories of Iran translated into thoroughly contemporary carpets for modern interiors – carpets with soul, history, innovative spirit and design virtuosity.


Kyoto from the Abstract & Plain Gabbehs Collection

The first carpet from this collection was presented at DOMOTEX 2017. The full collection is now ready and will be a highlight of Zollanvari’s presentation at the show in 2018. The collection looks East to Japan and pushes the boundaries of contemporary designer- carpet weaving in Iran. The inspiration for this collection stems from the finest contemporary Japanese textiles, principally used in meisen kimonos, with intricate bold designs in sophisticated colour combinations and complex painterly and ikat-like patterns. These designs have been some of the most challenging presented to the nomadic weavers who work for the company to execute, and the results are spectacular.


Caprino, Fluidity and Ikat from the Flatweaves Minimalist Collection

Baneh and Mazandaran kelims are normally woven in northern Iran in strips and then skilfully stitched together. The Zollanvari collection is woven in and around Shiraz using contemporary designs and colour combinations. Fluidity is the latest on-trend creation that combines the Baneh technique with the visual virtuosity and intricate delicacy of ‘minimalist’ inspired Mazandaran kelims. The concept was to create a sense of movement alike the surface of a shimmering lake and akin to such depictions in Chinese and Japanese art – a painterly triptych and a truly modern creation designed for today’s aesthetics. Ikat is an original design that combines two aesthetics: the northern Persian un-dyed Baneh kelims and the east Asian ikat textiles in dazzling colours – a modern floor-covering that is a work of art and makes a statement in any room. Caprino, the flatweave collection woven from undyed goat’s hair on which pile- knotted erratic modernist lines in bright colours are superimposed, was first introduced in 2017. The striped plain cream and black/ brown kelims which are the ground of these flatweaves were used principally to furnish the walls and floors of the nomad’s tents and have been ignored by Western buyers. These kelims have thus

been revived by giving them a new design twist to fit into modern interiors. 2018 will witness many new variations from this collection.


Graffiti from the Abstract & Plain Gabbehs Collection

The Graffiti line from Gabbehs Abstract & Plain takes inspiration from ancient Gabbehs (pile rugs traditionally used as bedding characterised by an abstract design that rely on playful geometry). Zollanvari have transformed archaic design motifs of ancient Gabbehs into a thoroughly contemporary carpet concept with a twist and in a combination of cool pastel and zany vibrant colours. Several new designs and new colourways from this collection will be shown for the first time at DOMOTEX 2018.


Kundan Wool & Silk Collection

Kundan, a Sanskrit word, signifies ‘gold purified to the highest degree’ and evokes an image of an object in its purest form that shimmers like gold. The Zollanvari Kundan Collection embodies the harmonious relationship between nature and interiors drawing inspiration from the four elements. The rugs are over- dyed with layers of translucent colour, creating a very unique multidimensional, shimmering texture – resembling the surface of the ocean, bathed in the golden, shimmering, magical light of the morning sun. The new Kundan Wool & Silk line combines classical motifs with a highly contemporary aesthetic in on-trend colours, with designs such as Baroque Foliage & Pine Cones and Stylised Cloudbands & Cartouches.


Other highlights will include two brand new collections, Animal Skins, original designs that find inspiration in animal skins and pelts, and Ellipse, a ‘retro’ inspired creation harking back to 60’s and 70’s textile patterns so in fashion again today; Marbled Polka Dots and new Vase and Floral Cartouches creations from the Designer Isfahan Collection; playful and naïve Gabbehs from Landscapes of my Fatherland; Pluma from the Kundan Pure Silk® Collection; Abstract Cypresses, Confetti Cracker, Reflections in Orange 1 and mesmerising new Erratic Tiles designs from the company’s diverse Gabbehs Collections; Cypress Trees in a Grove, reminiscent of fine traditional Persian Miniature paintings, and several new additions to the Into the Woods line, namely Woodland in Spring and Woodland on a Squares Revisited Ground from the Transitional Collections and new vibrant Jajims and Mafrash chests and tables in new shapes and sizes from the Home Décor Collection.


Zollanvari continue to dazzle the world’s design cognoscenti with new creations that have been recognised in major trade and design publications and at prestigious design awards. The jury of the German Design Awards (GDA) acknowledged the eclecticism of Zollanvari’s production when it selected Tribal Maghrebi Zigorat Pelt 2 and Rapture 4 (winner of Best Liked by DOMOTEX Visitors 2017) as Winners in the category of Home Textiles and Home Accessories for the GDA 2018, at the same time awarding Kyoto Art Deco 2 and Graffiti 2 with Special Mentions. The company is also delighted to be nominated for the CDA 2018, this time in two categories: Best Flatweave Design with Fluidity and Best Modern Design Superior with Snakeskin 1.

In a recent interview, Reza Zollanvari, Group Managing Director of Zollanvari International and its chief design principal, was asked what spurred him on to create so many designs and collections. He replied: “I want to offer something different… I want to create something new!” – Zollanvari’s motto for over seven decades.


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